Social Media and Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools. When used properly, it can increase your exposure to innumerable potential customers, reaching both parents and athletes. We understand that you may not have access to a dynamic marketing team who can help you build and distribute your social media content to your target audience.
That's where we can help. We've created special tools to help you do just this-curate content and ensure that it reaches your potential camp participants and their parents. Our online content management system also allows you to easily build out a special web site to promote your camp online.
Our in-house marketing team is here to help!

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Text Messaging and Email Campaigns

If you aren't employing some kind of mobile marketing, then you aren't reaching your maximum potential audience. Since your website, which our software builds for you, is mobile friendly, it allows your parents and campers to register online conveniently from their mobile devices as well as from their computers.
Research shows that 65% of today's youth would rather communicate by text rather than by email. Our system can build both for delivery. Send your messages by email and text.
Our in-house marketing team is here to help!

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Registration System

Registration can be performed by either the parent or the athlete. The registration process includes the creation of a FREE student athlete profile in the athlete recruiting service.
Registration can be performed on either mobile device or computer. Registration is both fast and easy. Simply sign in, select the camp you wish to enroll in, and pay.
Our in-house customer support team is here to help!

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Registration Software

Camp management does not need to be difficult nor complex, and we do everything we can to make it as simple for you as possible.
We have created camp software that allows you to easily create and market your camps. We also provide high level customer support for both you, your staff, and the parents and athletes who are registering.
Our in house customer support team is here to help!

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Camp Store

Camp participants will often wear your camp apparel year round ... therefore apparel is a huge part of your camp and company branding. The more product you sell, the more people will see your brand.
The camp store is an important piece of any camp's revenue generation, and predicting the total number of t-shirts or sweatshirts that you are going to need can be difficult.
Leftover unsold inventory diminishes camp profits. With our software you can offer pre-orders for camp store products as a part of your registration process and get a much better idea of your product sales long before the camp begins.
Looking for some design ideas? Our in-house marketing team is here to help!

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Payment Processing

There are a few ways that you can handle the payment processing for your camp registrations.
1. For a small convenience fee charged to your campers you can have us process camp registration (and refunds) for you.
  2. Have your own SQUARE account? Use your own SQUARE payment gateway and save!
  3. Direct Invoicing allows your users to print off their own statements and mail in a check to your office.
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Sign Up and Save !!

Credit card processing fees and convenience fees are perhaps one of the biggest expenses that you will be forced to carry as part of the operational costs of running your camp.
We believe that we can help you save BIG in this area. You work hard to put together your camps and it makes no sense that the credit card companies take so much money from your efforts.
Our in-house finance team is here to help!
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Group Management

A sport camp can never have too many participants. The challenge is how to best build your "waves" and your "groups" to maximize the on-court and off-court time.
Our software platform has tools specifically designed to match players with friend requests, skill, position, age, gender and other filters. This will save you valuable time as you plan your camp.
You can then print and distribute attendance lists to group coaches.
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Looking for Coaches

With large attendance numbers often comes the need to hire additional coaching staff. Utilize our jobs board and build an online digital "help wanted" that can be used to advertise online.
You'll receive coaches' applications and confirm your job offers.
You can also selectively post your coaches' profiles to your camp website, as well as assign coaches to your athlete groups.
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Document Management

Sport camps can generate a huge amount of paperwork, our software allows you to manage all of this digitally, minimizing the amount of paper that you have to keep track of and time and effort required.
We help with:
  • Registrations
  • Medical Releases
  • Payment Histories
  • Dorms and Student Placements
  • Teams / Athlete Groups

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Exhaustive Reporting

Our exhaustive reporting tools allow you to generate all sorts of lists from which you can
  • Generate list and print, text or email
  • Generate rosters, dorms lists or group lists
We also have a number of finance reports that you can pass along to your tax assistant and book keeper.
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Athletic Trainer / Athlete Management

Despite every precaution you can take, we know that accidents and injuries happen. While it is your responsibility to keep campers and staff safe, we know-from bandaids to crutches- anything can happen. And when it does, you need information about your camper quickly.
We can provide your camp administrator or athletic trainer a software solution to document any incident that may occur.
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Health Insurance / Medical Waivers

As a camp operator, you must collect necessary medical information about your camper including any alerts, medical histories, and insurance information. We can help simplify this process.
Our software enables parents / guardians to complete the medical waiver necessary for the campers participation in your sports camp, and makes the information readily available for your camp administrator and athletic trainers.
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AthleteYARD Camps Management Systems

Please contact me if you're looking for additional information about our sport camps management systems. I'd be happy to talk to you about your sport camps and how we can help your organization.

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