Thank you for taking the time to review my online profile. I have a wonderful family of 6, both my older sisters and my younger brother all play volleyball, and my dad has been coaching for years. My mom (the short one) is the best cheerleader anyone of us could have asked for.

I am excited about the prospect of continuing to play volleyball throughout college and hope that you find something on these pages that would encourage you to learn a little more about me, perhaps I might be a good fit for your program. I aspire to be the best that I can be both on and off the court and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.


I am a Canadian citizen, living in Orlando, FL (nine years now). In 2012 I had the opportunity to travel back to Canada with my U13 team and participate in the Canadian National Championships in the U14 division where we won the Canadian National Championship. This is just one of the many memorable experiences that I have achieved while playing the sport that I love.

Not only have I excelled in the sport of volleyball, but I am also very active in my church, and high school where I will graduate with honours and a have accomplished myself within our Air Force JROTC program.

My School

Timber Creek High School (Orlando, FL) has a population in excess of 4,000 students. I am currently a senior and active in a number of clubs including: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (officer), BETA Club, Cancer Awareness Society, National Honor Society and Pit Crew (Peer Inclusion Team).

The Air Force JROTC program takes up a large part of my free time as I currently serve as the Vice Wing Commander, responsible for keeping track of the cadets in the positions below me to ensure our Unit is functioning efficiently and on track to meeting our goals. Our Unit currently has 240 enrolled students making it a very dynamic program to oversee.

In 2018 my Air Force JROTC Drill Team competed in the Drill Team National Championships, where we finished 6th overall.

My Studies

I have currently taken all honours classes, 6 AP classes, and 3 dual enrollment classes. I have a GPA of 3.7 and a weighted GPA of 4.5.

My Volunteer and Work Experience

Over my high school career, I have amassed over 500 volunteer hours by working through the following:
My church
Helping coach middle school and YMCA volleyball
Numerous AFJROTC events
Numerous National Honor Society events
Cancer Awareness Society Events
Pit Crew (Peer Inclusion Team)
Numberous BETA Club events

My Skills and Abilities

I would say that four years of High School involvement within the JROTC program has helped me develop some solid leadership skills.

I am also involved in the Timber Creek Peer Inclusion Team (PIT crew). This program is designed to for students to work with students with disabilities and students with educational disabilities. PIT Crew members help these students with everything from educational help with their studies to job training. The whole purpose of the PIT Crew program is to promote inclusion.

Because I am involved in numerous school clubs, a job, as well as time demanding classes, I would say I have very good time management.

My Awards / Recognition

JROTC Air Force - Timber Creek
2017 Drill Team State Champions
2018 Drill Team State Champions
2018 Drill Team National Championships - 6th place
2016-17 SY National Award for Celebrating Freedom
2017-18 SY Top Performer Award
2018-19 SY American Legion Scholastic Award


My older sister is a scholarshipped student-athlete, playing volleyball at a D1 here in Florida. Over the past two years, I have watched how she had grown and matured while living on campus, juggling her academic load while managing the daily training/practice and travel schedules.

I have had a number of conversations with her about her experiences and I continue to be excited about the opportunity to play in college.

I am confident that not only will I be a strong contributor to your team on the court, I will also be a strong contributor to your team off the court. I currently maintain a weighted GPA of 4.5. JROTC has taught me leadership and discipline and PIT Crew has taught me how to mentor and teach others.

Athletics History

My U16 year finished really well! My team finished 5th overall at the AAU National Championships, this was followed up by a very successful Florida State High School 9A Division Championship with my Varsity team finishing the year ranked 5th in the "Sentinel Super 6" with an impressive 21-4 record (2nd best in program history).

My School Experience

As of my senior year, I have played with the Timber Creek HS volleyball varsity team for 3 years as a setter / right side hitter.

Click to review my school playing history

My Club Experience

I started playing volleyball when I was just 8 years old with my dad at our local YMCA. He was the founding director of their volleyball program. My first year of club volleyball was the next year where, as a 9 year old I played on the U12 team for Inland Volleyball Club. (I played U12 club volleyball when I was 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old).

Click to review my club playing history

My Awards / Recognition

2013 Middle School Championships - 4th place
2014 Middle School Championships - 1sd place
2015 Middle School Championships - 2nd place
2015 (U13) Canadian Nationals Championships - 1st place
2016 Freshman Year - FHASS 9A District Champions (varsity)
2017 Sophomore Year - FHASS 9A District Champions (varsity)
2017 (U16) AAU National Championships - 5th place (classic)
2018 Junior Year - FHASS 9A District Champions (varsity)


134 lbs

Special Moments

Out of 843 graduating seniors, I was nominated by the staff and faculty to represent the Timber Creek HS graduating class of 2020. Here is my graduating story. (There is only 1 per high school selected)

Chantel Chenard

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