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Networking is Our Core Service

Networking is an effectual tool that can bring you increased exposure for coaches and student athletes alike. Through networking, new opportunities may come your way, opening doors and creating connections that can benefit you in profound ways.
Our Networking Services are:
FREE to Middle and High School Coaches and Athletic Directors
FREE to College Coaches and Recruiters
FREE to Clubs Directors and Recruiting Coordinators
FREE to All Student Athletes
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Follow Me / I'll Follow You and Messaging Service

Networking has never been easier! Our fully searchable directory will help athletic directors, coaches, recruiters and student athletes search and view profiles of interest, follow and send messages.
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Athlete Profiles - Online Digital Resumes

You need to be seen.
An online digital profile isn't going to get you recruited without you doing a little work. You have to take the time to contact the coach and let them know that you exist. Student athletes can boost their chances of being noticed by college coaches and recruiters by building out attention grabbing social media compliant online digital profiles. Each profile will have its own private URL that can be easily shared on social media sites and other promotional websites.
You don't need to do this alone. Our in-house marketing team is here to help!

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Club, School and Team Recruiting Websites

Every club / school has a website. Well almost very on does. But how many have sites that are specifically designed for recruiting? Recruiters often turn to student athletes' schools or clubs for information. All High / Middle School and Club teams have the ability to build out team rosters and post them to a team webpage specifically designed with recruiting in mind. Each team is provided a team code that can be posted online resources (such as videos) to help recruiters find their prospects. (example try: PVA-FL)
Our in-house marketing team is here to help!

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Sport Camps / Summer Camps

Looking to run a summer camp?
A well-run and dynamic camp can advance your club and bring in new athletes. Or be a significant revenue generator for any college program. Growth potential for the club and college is tremendous. We have the answers to maximize your camp experience for your athletes and effectively market your camp to help grow your revenue and program.
Go to camps.athleteYARD.com for more information.

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Any Event Requiring Advanced Registration

Our events management system (camps) can be used to hande the registration and group management for any event requiring in advance registration. An organized clinic or tryout sets your club / school at a high standard and attracts top level athletes. Our system helps you run your events smoothly and with ease, from marketing to registrations, to group placements and even dorm arrangements.
Go to camps.athleteYARD.com for more information.

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Are you a Student Athlete looking to get recruited?
We currently have information on the following Athletic Programs.

National Recuriting Database

Over 6,000 Colleges and Universities
Covering over 40 different sports for both male and female athletes.
All Major Athletic Associations
Over 3,300 Athletic Clubs
We are working hard on building out our database to include all of athletic clubs for all of the major athletic associations in the country.
Over 37,000 High Schools
We are working hard on building out our database to include all of the athletic directors and head coaches for all of the public and private high schools in the country.
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College Level Needs List

All of our participating colleges and universities have the ability to publish a needs list for all of their programs. This allows our high school coaches, club directors. recruiting coordinators and student athletes to search for collegiate teams openings a nd contact coaches.
Search By
  State / City
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